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Or: Why I don’t think straight edge should (or does) have anything to do with human sexuality.​ I didn't write this, but it's a point I've been bringing up for years (even before this was originally posted in ).​ Seeing some talk and confusion about this on this sub prompted me. bbqgurus.info › list › criterionmaster › bands_against_straight_.

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By Mokus - 20:56
Some bands even go out of their way to say "fuck straight edge" or that they are against edge.​ I will try and list the bands and explain how or give an example of how they have specifically said they are agaisnt straight edge or made fun of it in some way.​ Their aka is The Straight.
By Fenrinris - 04:31
Here we go again. I have definately seen more straightedge vs non straight edge arguments started by people who start spouting off anti.
By Kagagrel - 20:34
Straight edge sex takes place between two people, one or both of whom are straight edge, who have sex because they care for one another rather than because.
By Goltill - 04:27
Straightedge is a lifestyle some people follow, in which they abstain from drink, drugs (including alcohol) and casual sex. It is sometimes abbreviated to sXe.

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